Tonneau Covers

If you have a pickup truck, you may have considered the possibility of having your possessions stolen or you may have experienced a theft of items from your pickup in the past.  A tonneau cover is a cover, which is used to stretch over your storage area on the pickup truck and they can protect your goods from being stolen.  Not only this, but if frequently carry items in your pickup  truck that are susceptible to water damage, it will be a good idea to use a tonneau cover to protect your items against water damage.  There is a variety of tonneau covers to choose from and so it is important that you consult the pickup truck experts to find out the best style and type of tonneau cover to use with your particular vehicle.

The main types of covers are roll up, retractable, fiberglass, folding, aluminum, and drop down. Roll up covers can be fixed to your pickup truck using clamps and are fixed to your pickup truck by drilling holes, so some alteration will need to be made to your vehicle.  The roll up variety is designed to be easy to remove and replace, whilst at the same time securing and protecting your goods from the weather.  The soft roll up type of tonneau cover is a less expensive form of roll up cover, and is the cheapest tonneau cover type available.  Whilst they do not protect against theft, they are a good guard against water damage as they are made of vinyl, and they can act as a detterent to theft, as your goods are hidden from sight underneath it.

Retractable covers will usually be made of harder material than roll up tonneau covers as they are designed for the larger cargo items in your pickup truck.  They are quite pliable and so they will fit over these items without being damaged.  Aluminum covers are similar to the retractable covers although they are one of the strongest types of cover and are the best solution to protect against theft.

If you use your pickup truck in areas where there are harsher or less predictable weather conditions, you may wish to consider a fiberglass tonneau cover.  The fiberglass is a very good protection against the weather although it does have many disadvantages.  It is a very heavy kind of material, and so it does require more than one person to fit and remove the cover.  It is also a very rigid kind of material, so if you have larger items in your pickup truck, you will need to remove the tonneau cover. Because the covers are so weighty, they can also mean that you are consuming more gas during transportation whilst using the cover.

A folded cover has hinges that allow the user to fold the cover back, rather than retracting or rolling up the cover.  Whilst these are a cheaper alternative as they can be made with almost any kind of material, they do not protect against the weather well because of the gaps near the hinges.

The drop down provides a means of easy accessibility to the items in your truck and they can be securely locked if necessary.

As you can see, there are many different kinds of tonneu cover available, so you will need to decide which is the best option for you.