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Off-Road Accessories

Driving a vehicle on a "not surfaced" road is commonly termed as "off-roading". Examples of “not surfaced” areas are mud, rocks, sand and other terrains. "Off-roading" is most commonly associated with large trucks, 4x4 vehicles and other heavy-duty vehicles. Since driving "off road" is somewhat like an adventure for most of the people who engage themselves on this activity, they have to be prepared and accessorize their vehicle with needed items.

Off-Road Accessories

First off-road accessory is the tire deflators. For those experienced off-road drivers, they know the appropriate tire pressure for a specific terrain. They deflate the tires to a desired tire pressure with the help of an air down gauge.

Another item that you must bring off road is jacks. One universal tool being used is the hi-lift jack. It is one essential tool needed for off-road recoveries. It helps you lift your vehicle safely and quickly. It has a rated capacity of 4660 lb.


If you have loads to carry like personal items or camping equipment, installing a roof rack will help you carry them. It also clears up the space inside your vehicle and storage for items you want to gain easy access once you arrive at your desired destination.

Some of the important components underneath your trucks are oil pan, gas tank and transfer case. The possibility of getting it hit during an off-road activity is high. So in order to protect them, you need to install skid plates. Keep in mind that the more skid plates used, the more parts are protected.

Terrains like rocky roads and boulders, driving through the dessert and going through a rainforest needs a higher clearance to facilitate ease of driving. With this, you need to consider installing suspension lifts. Also, since driving off-road requires large tires most of the time, it is appropriate to use the suspension lifts for improved performance.

In off-road activities, it is also essential to have recovery straps. It helps you pull your vehicle to safety. However, make sure that you choose straps are made of strong material that can carry your vehicle's weight and is in good condition. In addition, make sure that you read how to use properly the strap to ensure safety and avoid accidents.