2009 Dodge Ram Roll Up Tonneau Covers

Buying a truck bed cover that is fit for purpose can be a daunting task to set about doing.  As every pickup truck driver uses their pickup to transport a variety of different items and goods, in different weather conditions over a range of distances whether short or long, it is essential that you purchase the truck bed cover that is specific to your needs.  Whilst truck bed covers may often improve the aesthetics of your vehicle, by hiding away the goods and by looking good, they should also be fit for purpose and actually have all the features that you require from a tonneau cover.

The cheapest kind of truck bed cover that is available is the roll up type.  Many brands manufacture these covers, and a few popular names include Mitsubishi, TruXport and Access.  There are ranging qualities with ranging pricings, so make sure that you have browsed as many as possible before making a purchase.  There are also some features that may be more attractive with some manufacturers than others.

Mitsubishi stocks a double cab soft roll up truck cover, model L200, which requires no drilling.  There are many other kinds of roll up covers that do require drilling however and for some owners, drilling into their vehicle is not an option, especially if for example the vehicle is rented.  Instead, this model fits to an aluminum frame with a press-stud fastening system. The aluminum frame is fixed tightly into the truck using clamps, but these clamps require no drilling.  If the roll up cover is not required, it is not necessary to remove the frame. The Mitsubishi L200 cover also looks attractive, as it has a leather appearance, and the actual cover is manufactured from PVC, which is perfect to guard against wet weather conditions.

Many roll up covers that are produced by manufacturer Access offer a lifetime warranty.  The Access roll up covers comes with an AutoLatch system, which locks automatically when the user closes the cover.  Access has tried to make their range of roll up covers easy to use by only one person, by implementing a simple Velcro seal along the pickup hold area.  Again, these covers do not require drilling.

TruXport roll up covers give a flat smooth look when they are closed over cargo to improve the aesthetics of the tonneau.  They have been designed to be used in even freezing weather conditions and have no fiddly little extra parts that could be lost or misplaced.

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