1996 Dodge Ram Lund Tonneaus

A truck bed cover can be a great investment, not only to protect your cargo from the elements and theft, but also to reduce your fuel consumption.

Lund manufacture truck bed covers for many Ford, chevy, dodge, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Suzuki models of truck. Because they have covered most of the popular brands of pickup truck, you are likely to find the correct fitting cover for your vehicle.

All of Lund’s truck bed covers use aluminum rails to mount the cover. Some of the models are made with mechanical parts to provide automatic opening and closing for ease of use, whilst others are purposefully made with no moving parts so that the cover will not malfunction in extreme weather conditions or break. The covers require no drilling to be fitted, and attach to the truck bed with the use of clamps.

The Lund is the original truck bed cover. It is manufactured to be durable whilst at the same time looking good on your truck. It is a low profile cover, meaning that it doesn’t protrude far above the top of the truck bed. This model of cover is manual and so it is suitable for most weather conditions. These covers are available with black powder coated rails, or silver painted powder coated rails.

The Lund is similar in style to the Lund, however it is made to be far more durable. It uses aluminum for cargo exceeding 500 lb in weight. The cover can be secured in any position using a lock, which allows objects of any dimensions to be transported in the truckbed.

The Lund truck bed cover is a luxurious retractable tonneau cover. It is only available for trucks with short truck beds. It draws power from the pickup truck’s battery to provide a remote controlled retracting cover. It is very simple to use and for safety and convenience, these covers have a braking mechanism so that it can be left partially open, rather than just being open or closed. Because of the automatic mechanism in the Lund cover, this is not a good cover to use in extreme weather conditions in case the cold or damp weather causes the mechanism to fail.

With their fantastic quality, and flexible range, Lund is a good brand to choose for retractable truck bed covers.

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