1980 Dodge Ram Deflecta Shield Tonneau

The Deflecta-Shield range of roll up covers is a very popular one. Reasonable pricing means that they are affordable, and Deflecta-Shield have tried to accommodate many different requirements with their different types of roll up covers for pickup trucks.

There are many attractive features of the quality of the Deflecta-Shield brand roll up covers. They are made of a very strong material, which is made to endure the harshest weather, and the toughest of loads.  As there are no serviceable parts in the roll-up system, the accessory will not require maintenance and nothing should go wrong.  They are made with the user in mind and are designed to be simple for one person to operate, and require no drilling, so that the vehicle will not need any alterations.  The covers are designed to fit many popular makes of truck bed, including Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge.

The classic range of Deflecta-Shield roll up covers is the original roll up cover. It performs the functions of a good roll up. If you don’t want any added extras with your roll-up cover, this design is simple, traditional and easy to use.

The lowest costing roll up covers from Deflecta-Shield is in the TonnoSport and Lite Rider ranges. They are designed to be opened and closed easily and quickly and are at the same time inexpensive to the customer. The TonnoSport range offers a three year warranty whilst the Lite Rider range carries a limited lifetime warranty.

If you are looking for low-profile roll up covers, the Deflecta-Shield Lorado and Vanish ranges offers roll up covers for your pickup truck, which only protrude only half an inch over the top of the truck box. They are still as simple to operate, but they look much better than the covers that have a normal profile above the truck box.

The toolbox model of Deflecta-Shield roll up tonneau covers accommodates for pickup trucks that have 20 to 21 inch cross bed toolboxes. They allow Deflecta-Shield to the truck best and are secure, whilst allowing the pickup truck owner to Deflecta-Shield their toolbox without interference from the roll up cover.

Deflecta-Shield roll up covers for pickup trucks are excellent quality, available for many purposes and are simple and secure to use. They will protect the cargo from any weather damage, whilst also being secure against thefts. In addition to this, their installation does not require any drilling to be done to the truck, as all the covers use a clamp style system for fitting.

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