2007 Ford F 550 Side Steps

If you are of a shorter stature or have some mobility problems, you might want to consider installing nerf bars to your truck.  These bars come in pairs and are manufactured from strong metals.  They are attached to the sides of the truck and their main function is to help the driver to climb into their truck with greater ease.  Whilst they are useful, they can also make the truck look better.  Because so many people are buying nerf bars to improve the looks of their vehicle, manufacturers are taking advantage of this, and as a result, there is an endless market for an array of different styles, designs and shapes of nerf bars.

The first thing to know about nerf bars is that they are not at all inexpensive.  Because of this, you should ensure that the product that you are purchasing is of strong durable quality so that you will not need to replace them for a long time.

The cheapest nerf bars are powder-coated and in black.  The Westin Signature series range of accessories includes this kind of nerf bar.  They do not look particularly impressive, but at the same time, they are not altogether ugly.  They will perform the function for which they are intended, however they will probably not enhance the appearance of your truck as much as other kinds of nerf bars would do.  The solid properties that powder coating applies to items that it is used to make means that this kind of nerf bar is very strong, and will last a long time.

Standard chrome finish nerf bars are the next most expensive type of nerf bar. The Westin Platinum series contains this type of bar.  They are made from shiny, impressive looking chrome and are ideal for those who want to add a few finishing eye catching touches to their pickup truck.  Chrome is used in this instance, as it often is the material, which matches the other aesthetic features of the truck, and just adds that little extra to the style of it.  They are again very strong and durable, as nerf bars should be given their main requirement to act as grab rails to help the driver get into the vehicle.  Westins range of nerf bars includes this style of nerf bar.

The most expensive and by far the superior type of nerf bar is the stainless steel chrome nerf bar.  The Westin platinum and signature ranges contain this type of nerf bar.  These are not only shiny and great looking, but they are built to be extremely durable.  Manufacturers are usually so sure about their stainless steel chrome nerf bars that they will provide a limited warranty.

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