2006 Nissan X Trail Grille Guards

This make and model was released this year. It is one of the most affordable small cars in the world. It ranked second out of the thirty three competitive brands out there.

Its innovative interior gives a spacious look convenient for storage options with quality performance. It also observes economical fuel usage. It is very hard to not take a second glance and put it on your buying list. This car is affordable yet very stylish.

It has received numerous commendations from different press releases and published reviews on known magazines and online sites. Aside from the accessories included when you buy this car, aftermarket sales are also high as different accessories can be bought in the market.

One of the interior accessories for this make is the wireless key entry. It enables you to open the doors or trunk even if you are a few feet away from your car. This device is a simple radio transmitter that sends a code to the radio receiver installed in your car.

Another interior accessory most common used to enhance this make is the armrest. Most cars have plain armrest included in the interior. However, this type of armrest has multiple compartments and a padded lid. It also slides forward and backward that provides the best seating comfort.

For some, the change doesn’t need to be always seen by others, but rather felt. They can change and accessories their pedals as well. For this make, you can buy a clear-coated aluminum pedal with rubber foot inserts. It is available for all cars regardless if it is on manual or automatic transmission.

On the other hand, fog lights are considered an exterior of this car. It is mounted in front of the car, which helps visibility during foggy or misty areas.
Splash guard is another exterior that you may opt to install on this car. It is a flap made of plastic or fiber glass that can be found behind the wheels of the car to prevent from water, stones and other element splashing and destroying the paint of the car.

Another exterior accessory is the door visor. It gives an enhanced and cool look to this car. Aside from that factor, it provides protection from rain when windows are open. It also prevents heat build-up in the car while parked and in the middle of a sunny weather.

Stylish as it seems when you first bought it, you cannot deny the fact that there are still a lot of accessories to be added. You just have to look for the right one that fits and will definitely compliment the overall package.

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