2011 Suzuki Straps And Ropes

It is important to understand when purchasing tow straps and synthetic ropes to be used for towing with your pickup.  A tow strap consists of a length of strong material, which has hooks on each end.  The hooks are made from a strong metal although they can break at times.  Because they can break, you should not use these kind of straps to recover vehicles at normal speeds.  At high speeds, if one of the hooks snaps, the strap can snap back and smash through the vehicle window.  This has in the past been responsible for severe injury and even death.  Instead, a strong synthetic rope without hooks should be used in this circumstance.

US Cargo Control provides a range of strong tow straps and synthetic ropes for use with pickup trucks.

The tow straps are usually available at lengths of about 15 to 45 feet and are about 2 to 6 inches wide.  Depending on their strength and durability, they are available from about $20 to $350 and can be used to tow vehicles of up to about 30,000 pounds.

You should be sure to check that the tow strap to ensure that is has no signs of wear that could cause it to snap during recovery.  Such things as stress fractures in the tow strap hooks or frayed straps could be very dangerous to use if they should break.  You should also be sure that the tow bar that you are attaching the strap to on each vehicle is safe.  This check should include looking at the bar to make sure it is securely attached to the vehicle, and that there is no rust on either the tow bar, or the area of the vehicle that it is attached to.  Rust or a loose fitting tow bar could cause the tow bar to snap off the vehicle, causing far more damage than a snapped tow strap hook.

If the vehicle that you are attaching the US Cargo Control tow strap does not have a tow bar or hook, you can choose an alternative part of the vehicle, although you should avoid attaching it to parts that are easily detachable such as bumpers, or axles.  This would be incredibly dangerous.

When actually towing with the tow strap, you should drive as slowly as possible, and make sure that you do not break suddenly, as this can cause the tow strap to break.

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