2007 Nissan Westin Winches

In many situations when using a pickup truck, more strength is required to move things than a single person can manage.  By using a westin winch, it is possible to haul items that weigh up to one and a half times the weight of the pickup truck itself.  This rate is known as the winches rated pull.  The westin winch can be adjusted using the manual in order to maximize its efficiency.

There are two main types of westin winch available.  These two types are the hydraulic powered truck winch and electric powered truck winch.  Electric powered truck winches can perform more functions than hydraulic ones but their main drawback is that they draw their operating power from the trucks battery, which isn’t a good thing if you are far away from breakdown recovery with a large load to deal with.  Hydraulic westin winches use hydraulic power from the truck itself and can generate more power than electric powered truck winches without the need for the engine to be running.  Whilst this does not consume the vehicles power, the hydraulic westin winches don’t have many different styles to choose from.

Westin winches are made to be very durable and hard wearing.  This is because the manufacturers understand that their customers will want to use the winches to move extremely heavy loads.  The cables and cord that come with the westin winches are therefore made from strong steel rather than rope so they will not fray or snap under extreme haul power requirements.

To ensure safety, westin winches are supplied with a remote control so that the user can keep a distance from the load in case the load should slip, the truck should move or the winch cord may break.  These remote controls should usually work at distances of up to 100 feet if necessary.

The winch motor is made up of a bespoke mini engine system.  The westin winches are made to be hard wearing but you should be careful of extreme weather conditions.  Icy or very wet weather can be dangerous to be moving cargo in.  Not only this, the mini engine inside the winch cannot stand temperatures that are too cold, such as those lower than freezing temperatures.  To ensure your own safety, you should never make an attempt to repair your own westin winch engine if it should break.  This can be very dangerous due to the strong moving mechanisms inside the winch motor so remember to take your winch to a professional to get it fixed.

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