2007 Nissan Right Truck Winches

Installing a truck winch on your rig is definitely a good investment. It does not only add to the versatility of the vehicle by expanding the number of jobs it can do, but also saves you in times of trouble.

As many truckers know, not all winches are created equal. Although it serves a common task, it is smart to find the type of winch that suits your vehicle best. There are 7 types of vehicle winches:

Electrical winch: If you’re looking for something very dependable, you need the so called electrical winch. This type can be power-driven by both a separate car battery operated and the battery attached to the vehicle. This keeps the winch from not affecting the systems in your vehicle.

The mechanical drum type: If you need a little more power than the above type, then the mechanical drum winches suit your rig quite well. The vehicle’s running engine powers the winch. By using a turning shaft, the gearbox transmits fuel into the winch. It is considered to be better than the electrical winch. Hence, this kind of winch can operate even when the engine is on and whether or not the vehicle’s gear is engaged.

The mechanical capstan type: If you want to try a little variety, then maybe you need the mechanical capstan type. This kind of winch draws energy from the auto’s engine. It is usually taken straight from the crankshaft through a dog clutch engaging into the pulley of a crankshaft. Hence, the winch works similar to a mechanical drum that can run only when the engine is on. The only difference of these winches is the style of assembling.

The hydraulic drum type: Of course, if it’s raw power that you need, the hydraulic drum kind of winch will do the trick for you. This winch provides a huge amount of power and similar to mechanical winches, it can run even with a running engine. Moreover, it can still operate even when it’s wholly under water.  Connected to the engine of the vehicle is a hydraulic winch, which is powered by a hydraulic motor.

The mechanical hand-operated winch: Here’s a savior when the times are tough. Consisting of a wire cable jammed and released by a chain of clamps, this type of winch is operated by an individual, which has no relation to the auto’s engine.

The portable mechanical winch: If you need something a little less complicated, the mechanical portable type may do the job for most cases. This hand-made type of winch consists of a drum that is locked up into a motored chainsaw. The chainsaw motor provides the motive force.

The hybrid winch: Finally, here’s something for those who are a little short of cash. Make from extra parts, the Hybrid winch is of course the cheap alternative, but it is efficient and sturdy. Simply find an old or used winch and then connects it into the truck or vehicle, then make use of a hydraulic motor to drive it.

Before embarking on a purchase and so that you can determine the proper set-up of the winch, always bear in mind to consider your vehicle’s heaviness and the nature of off-road driving you usually do. It will save you not only money, but also the effort you will put into investing in one.

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