1997 Honda Cr V Step Rails

If you do a lot of off road driving in your pickup truck, you may want to consider installing side rails.  Loose rocks, stones and other pieces of debris can fly up from the ground and chip paintwork, or even cause damage to the truck body itself, so side rails can act as a barrier to prevent this from happening.  These attach to the sides of your vehicle, usually with a little drilling required, and they protect your bodywork.  It can be easy at times to snag or catch the truck at the sides, especially when driving through narrow gaps, so side rails protrude a few inches from the body of the truck and provide protection.

The side rails are normally made from a strong aluminum or stainless steel, and they are made to look good, as well as being very durable.  Because they are metallic in appearance, they will fit in well with other metallic parts on the truck, to make the overall appearance of the truck seem more monstrous.

One manufacturer of side rails for pickup trucks is Westin.  They produce a sport tube style of side bar for popular makes of vehicle, including Acura, Cadillac, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Isuzu, Jeep, Mazda and Toyota.  With so many models available for most makes of truck, it is possible for most truck owners to enhance the look of their vehicle whilst protecting the bodywork with side rails.

The Westin Sport tube rails are made from a strong, durable metal and are available with a polished stainless steel finish, or chrome plated.  You should choose the finish that matches other parts on your truck so that the rails will fit with the current style of your vehicle.

Westin side rails are corrosion proof, and are 2 and a half-inch tubes, with a metal wall thickness of a eight of an inch.  They attach to holes that are usually already on your truck, as most trucks are designed to take sidebars as an added extra.  Welded brackets allow a strong bond to your vehicle.

The style of the sports tube looks very good on your vehicle, as they are not just straight, but they actually curve around and under your vehicle, so they look impressive and protect the underside of your truck in part.  They are also suitable for trucks that have been lowered as they do not protrude to close to the ground.

For good protection of your truck body, even if your truck as been lowered, Westin Sport Tube side rails are a great option that will make your truck look sleek and stylish at the same time.

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