1997 Honda Cr V Step Boards

Step boards are a useful accessory for your pick-up truck.  They are fixed on the sides of the pick -up truck below the doors and provided the vehicle users with a means of getting in and out of the vehicle with greater ease.  There are usually customized brackets for each individual make and model of pick-up truck to make sure that it will fix properly to the truck and be safe for the user.  Manufacturers make the step boards from a strong durable material and they attempt to make the step boards as attractive looking as possible so that they will make a good finishing touch for the pickup truck user.

Westin produces a range of universal step boards, which are designed to fit to most vehicles, with three different varieties available. These should fit most SUVs, trucks with four doors, trucks with extended cabs and regular length pickup trucks. The boards are coated with a protective paint to prevent the board color from fading in the UV rays of the sun.  The boards are also designed and built to be strong enough to endure harsh weather conditions and not crack.  For improved visibility in dark conditions, for example if you drive at night times, the Westin universal step boards come with an option to have lighting fitted in to the board.  Not only is this a useful feature, but in can improve the overall appearance of your vehicle.  All of Westin’s step boards have a 5 year warranty.

For larger trucks, there is a brand called Putco Boss who manufactures step boards that are far larger in size than the usual ones that are available.  These are also heavier duty than the standard step boards.  Even though they are made from a strong and sturdy stainless steel material, they are designed with a non slip finish to make them safe in wet or icy weather conditions.  Not only do these perform their function well, but they are of a mighty size and shape and look very good on larger vehicles.  Putco Mater Boss step boards are made with a polished 4 inch wide mirrored steel plate.  This can look even better than the standard boss style of step board.  To ensure a good grip when climbing out of the vehicle, the step boards have a vinyl strip along the entire length. They come with an optional dual box board at an extra charge.

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