1997 Honda Cr V Running Boards

If you have a car, chances are you use the running board every time you climb into it. It is almost impossible to skip its presence.

Running board is an important part of a vehicle because it fulfills several purposes. First, it serves as a doormat making the car clean from dust and other debris that might have stuck to the shoes of the passengers. This is especially during rainy days where shoes becomes messy and need wiping. Aside from this, it functions as a step for a passenger before they could enter the car. Its absence would make climbing difficult particularly to vehicles with bigger wheels making the distance from the ground higher. This is reflected in small children and aged passengers having to find something to hold onto before lifting their feet onto it. Another is for protection from debris while the car is on the move. Small stones, leaves, and other dirt might be pulled along by the wheels while running and may scratch or strike the side of the vehicle. Without running board, those will not be blocked nor kick up exposing the car to risks of dents and scratches.

Taking the functions into account, the running board should be in good condition. To do this, it should be cleansed at all times and kept dry so that it will not add up to the debris brought by passengers. In addition, dry clean running board likewise will limit accidents since slipping is prevented. If you think your running board is a heavy duty, it is advisable to apply deck tape. This way, the gripping surface of it would be preserved. Although, running boards are designed for durability, it wears off over time just the same so extra care is essential.

Just like any car accessories, running boards are manufactured employing different materials. Some are made of diamond plate steel, fiberglass or plastic, tube like structure, and rubber. Despite the differences in these materials, they are installed almost the same way. The only difference is the presence or absence of holes for installation. Nevertheless, if holes are absent, you can drill using hanger to be your guide. For the most part, you just make sure to read the instructions accompanying the running board upon purchase so that you will not spend much time configuring its installation. However, if you think you cannot fix it on your own, it is best to consult one who had done the installation before.

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